Why is Unlockd different?

The next move in permissionless RWA liquidity.

Unlockd's innovative approach to NFT-backed lending focuses on four key areas that set up apart:

  • Take loans instantly with the only permissionless protocol in RWA Finance.

  • Enjoy AI for real-time asset appraisal and mathematically optimal loan rates.

  • Bundle up to 100 NFTs in the same loan for diversified risk and enhanced borrowing power.

  • Keep enjoying all the utility and benefits associated with owning your NFTs while deposited.

Permissionless, Simple & Instant

Unlockd revolutionizes the NFT lending market by prioritizing accessibility and simplicity, being the first permissionless protocol that allows instantly borrowing against RWAs:

  1. Ease of Access: Our platform eliminates complex verification processes, making it accessible to everyone and fostering a truly inclusive financial environment.

  2. Simplified User Experience: We have designed our interface to be intuitive, allowing users to easily navigate our lending options without unnecessary complications.

  3. Instant Loan Execution: Understanding the dynamic nature of the NFT market, Unlockd ensures immediate loan transactions. Once terms are accepted by the borrower, funds are quickly disbursed, empowering users to seize market opportunities promptly.

AI & Real-Time Risk Assessment for the Best LTV

At Unlockd, we integrate cutting-edge AI technology to redefine asset appraisal and risk assessment in NFT-backed lending:

  1. Advanced Collateral Appraisal: The key to our precise collateral valuation lies in our data providers' use of sophisticated machine learning algorithms. Unlike traditional methods that rely on floor prices, our approach assesses each NFT individually, determining its true value based on a comprehensive analysis of market data and trends. This method ensures a more accurate, fair, and reliable appraisal of each asset.

  2. Dynamic LTV Determination: Our AI-driven system constantly analyzes market data, offering realistic and advantageous Loan-To-Value rates, benefiting both borrowers and lenders.

  3. Adaptive Risk Modeling: Our algorithms are tailored to adapt to market fluctuations in real-time, ensuring a balanced and secure lending platform by adjusting LTV rates in response to market trends.

Multi-NFT Collateral: Unprecedented Loan Flexibility

Unlockd introduces the ability to bundle multiple NFTs from various collections or types into a single loan. This unique approach offers several advantages:

  1. Enhanced Borrowing Power: By bundling diverse NFTs into one loan, borrowers can leverage a broader range of assets, increasing the overall loan value they can access.

  2. Risk Diversification: This bundling allows for a more balanced risk profile. By not relying on a single NFT or collection, borrowers can mitigate the impact of market fluctuations on individual assets.

  3. Simplified Management and Gas Efficiency: Managing one bundled loan instead of multiple individual loans streamlines the borrowing process, making it more user-friendly and extremely gas-efficient.

Full Utility Retention with the Unlockd Account

Unlockd is introducing the ability for borrowers to retain the full utility of their collateralized NFTs, all made possible by our innovative Unlockd Account technology.

  1. Utility Preservation: While traditional NFT lending platforms require you to forfeit the utility of your NFTs once they are collateralized, Unlockd is different. Our borrowers continue to enjoy all the benefits associated with their NFTs. This includes access to token-gated events, participation in on-chain activities, eligibility for airdrops, and the ability to engage in staking and rewards programs.

  2. Continued Gaming Use: For NFTs linked to gaming platforms, borrowers retain the ability to use these assets within their gaming ecosystems, ensuring uninterrupted gaming experiences.

  3. The Unlockd Account: The cornerstone of this feature is the Unlockd Account, a shared wallet technology unique to our platform. It securely holds the NFTs as collateral for the loan while simultaneously allowing the NFTs to maintain their active roles and utilities in their respective environments. This technology represents a significant leap forward in NFT-backed lending, as it ensures that NFTs are not merely locked away but continue to be living, utility-bearing assets.

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