How to navigate the Marketplace

Unlockd's Marketplace is your gateway to buying, selling, and bidding on RWAs.

From instant purchases to participating in auctions, this guide offers insights into exploring listings, understanding auction mechanics, and making informed decisions.

'Buy Now' tab

Discover a diverse array of assets in a marketplace format. Each listing provides essential details like the asset type name, token ID, and valuation.

Auctioned assets display the current bid and countdown.

Utilize filters and sorting options for an optimized browsing experience.

Here, you can instantly purchase assets, participate in auctions, or secure assets from liquidation sales.

The "Buy Now" button indicates the price for immediate acquisition.

Check the details of an asset in the 'Buy Now' tab

Clicking on an asset card (excluding buttons) in the Buy RWAs tab reveals in-depth details.

This section offers a comprehensive look at the RWA's attributes, bid history, and listing/auction specifics (valuation, highest bid, available borrowing amount, and auction timer).

It also provides straightforward options for bidding or immediate purchase.

Bid on Auctions or Instantly Buy RWAs in the 'Buy Now' tab

Please, refer to our step-by-step guide, How to bid/buy an asset.

'Active Loans' tab

A list of active loans, organized by ascending Health Factor, helps you identify assets nearing liquidation.

This feature is key for spotting potential bidding opportunities.

Select "See More" to expand the list.

'Transaction History' tab

Explore a comprehensive log of all marketplace transactions.

This tab provides a window into the vibrant activity within the platform, offering insights into buying, selling, and bidding dynamics.

"See More" extends the list for deeper exploration.

'My Activity' tab

Your personalized transaction history, including bids, purchases, listings, and sales, is displayed here.

Stay updated on auction outcomes with real-time status reports.

For winning bids, a convenient "Claim" button facilitates easy acquisition of RWAs.

Expand the list with "See More" for a full overview of your marketplace interactions.


Screenshots in these guides are mock-ups and may differ from the live platform, particularly in text details. The Unlockd team regularly updates guides to reflect UX improvements.

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