How to supply and earn APY

Unlockd offers a straightforward way to earn yields directly in USDC or ETH by lending your assets.

Below, you'll find a step-by-step guide divided into three key sections to get you started, make deposits, and withdraw your earnings.

Getting Started with the Earn Section
  1. Navigate to Earn: This is your gateway to viewing available assets for deposit. Each asset operates within its own pool, featuring unique metrics such as Estimated APY, Total Value Locked (TVL), Amount Deposited, and your Wallet Balance.

  2. Interact: You have the option to either Deposit or Withdraw assets directly from this screen.

Deposit to a Pool
  1. Select a Pool: Identify the asset pool you wish to deposit into and click Deposit. You'll be taken to a detailed screen showing the APY for the selected asset. Remember, if you're depositing ETH, you'll need to convert it to WETH.

  2. Approval (First-time Only): For first-time deposits of a particular asset, click Approve to enable token spending from your wallet. You'll need to sign a transaction to confirm this action.

  3. Making a Deposit:

    • Enter the amount you wish to supply. For convenience, use the MAX button to deposit all available funds.

    • Click Supply to proceed.

    • Confirm the transaction in your wallet and cover the necessary gas fees.

  4. Confirmation: Upon successful transaction, you'll receive a confirmation message, and your dashboard will update to reflect the new balance.

Note that your yields on Unlockd can grow exponentially over time due to our auto-compounding feature. When you earn yields, we automatically reinvest them into the pool, increasing your deposited balance and potentially boosting your returns without any additional action required from you.

Withdraw from a Pool

The process for withdrawal mirrors that of making a deposit:

  1. Choose Withdraw: From the Earn section, select the pool you wish to withdraw assets from and click Withdraw.

  2. Specify Amount: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Utilize the MAX button if you wish to withdraw all deposited assets.

  3. Withdraw: Confirm your withdrawal by clicking Withdraw, then approve the transaction in your wallet and pay any associated gas fees.

  4. Completion: A confirmation message will indicate your successful withdrawal, and your dashboard will be updated accordingly.

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Screenshots in these guides are mock-ups and may differ from the live platform, particularly in text details. The Unlockd team regularly updates guides to reflect UX improvements.

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