Loan characteristics

Selling your NFTs means losing the potential upside value gain and triggering a capital gains tax event. By depositing your NFTs as collateral, you are able to obtain liquidity (working capital) without selling your assets and not incurring capital gains taxes.

FeatureUnlockd ApproachTL;DR


RWAs, Token Streams and any kind of NFTs

Diverse collateral options beyond just digital NFTs.

Max NFTs per loan


Up to 100 different NFTs from different collections can be bundled per loan.



Funds are available immediately without the need to agree with a lender.


Individual, no floor price

NFTs valued on a case-by-case basis, not just by the lowest market price.


Dynamic, 0-75%

Flexible LTV ratios tailored to individual NFTs and market conditions.

Collateral utility

Keep full ownership and utility

Keep access to airdrops, staking, token-gated communities and any on-chain utility while used as collateral. You can't sell or transfer the asset.



Repay on your own schedule; no fixed end date.


Dynamic, linear, fair

Interest rates are reasonable, predictable, based on a mathematical model and adjust with the market.



Pay back in installments or all at once, your choice.


HF < 1

Loans are liquidated with a smart algorithm only if the Health Factor drops below 1.


Non-custodial, audited

Your assets are safe and the protocol's integrity is verified by auditors.



Borrowing against NFTs can be more tax-savvy than selling them.

Loan characteristics

NFTs as collateral

In Unlockd, you borrow fungible cryptocurrency against your Non-Fungible-Tokens. Instead of using fungible tokens as collateral for loans, which is suboptimal since you lock liquid tokens to get other liquid tokens, Unlockd lets yo turn illiquid assets into productive, liquid ones.

Unlockd accepts a wide range of assets as collateral, including Real World Assets (RWAs), Token Streams, and various forms of NFTs. This inclusive approach acknowledges the diverse nature of valuable assets and provides flexibility for borrowers to leverage their different types of holdings.

100 NFTs in a single loan with 1 transaction

Borrowers can bundle up to 100 different NFTs as collateral for a single loan, if they use liquidity from the same pool. This feature allows for significant diversification of collateral, increasing borrowing power and mitigating the risk associated with the volatility of individual NFTs.

Instant borrowing

Unlockd offers immediate loan availability. Borrowers can access funds instantly from Liquidity Pools, eliminating the traditional waiting period often required in loan processing and the need for individual lender agreements.

True valuation for each individual NFT

Each NFT is valued individually without resorting to the collection's floor price. Unlockd utilizes specialized appraisal techniques from world-class providers to determine the value of each NFT based on its unique characteristics and market conditions.

Dynamic Loan-To-Value

The Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio is dynamic, ranging from 0% to 75%, depending on the specific NFT and prevailing market conditions. This range allows for flexible borrowing options that reflect both the value of the collateral and market trends.

Keep 100% of NFT utility

Borrowers retain full ownership and utility of their NFTs when used as collateral. This means they continue to enjoy any benefits such as access to airdrops, staking rewards, and token-gated communities, although they cannot sell or transfer the NFT during the loan period.

Open-ended loans

Loans on Unlockd have an open-ended duration, offering borrowers the flexibility to repay the loan at their convenience without worrying about a set expiration date. No rush here, as long as you pay attention to the Health Factor to ensure the protocol's solvency.

Fair interest and flexible repayment

The interest rate is dynamic but follows a linear and fair model, ensuring borrowers are subject to reasonable rates that align with a mathematical model and adapt to market conditions.

Unlockd allows for flexible repayment terms, permitting borrowers to make payments towards their loan either in installments or as a lump sum, depending on their financial situation.

Smart Liquidations that minimizes lost assets

If the Health Factor (HF) of a loan falls below 1, Unlockd's smart liquidation algorithm is triggered to safeguard the health of the lending protocol. This process is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible while ensuring the stability of the platform.

Permissionless and secure

Tax-efficiency for borrowers

By borrowing against NFTs instead of selling them, Unlockd users may enjoy a more tax-efficient strategy, potentially avoiding the capital gains taxes that would accrue upon the sale of an asset.


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