NFT Genesis Collection

The Lockeys is the Unlockd's Genesis Collection featuring 3,500 NFTs made up of 40 exciting pixel-art traits that bring to life the universe of Unlockd and serves as a vehicle for forging lasting bonds with community members while allowing them to be part of the protocol's beginnings and receive unique rewards.

Owning one of these hand-drawn Lockeys unlocks early access to mainnet and future features, boosted rewards, private community events, participation in DAO governance and more perks.

Oh, and you get a full cashback in UNLK tokens on your mints. Basically free.

Lore and universe

As innumerable computations are calculated and gears churned, The Lockeys live in the bowels of Unlockd and work endlessly to ensure the smooth functioning of the protocol.

The Lockeys, smart and charming 2D robots, were bound by their code and nature, limited to handling assets and crunching data on a simpler plane. But many of them would grow to desire more, to break free from their constraints.

And just when they needed it most, hidden in an abandoned datamine, The Lockeys found the Codebreakers Prophecy. This hope foretold another world that would ascend them to a new dimension of being.

In time, the outer dimension will burst into their world, morphing The Lockeys 2D existence into a 3D space.

As Unlockd reaches its final state, The Lockeys will elevate their efficiency and craftsmanship to its pinnacle. What fate will then befall them?

Classes of Lockeys

The Lockeys have been working side by side for eons building Unlockd. They live in a highly-organized and prosperous society that dwells among the machinery and gargantuan architecture of the protocol, divided into 4 classes of Lockeys.


Skilled and committed, they tighten the screws, handle the utility of your collateral and ensure the security of all assets deposited in Unlockd.


Logical and functional, they run the protocol to ensure that systems run smoothly, lenders receive their yield and unhealthy loans are liquidated.


Wise and strategic, they design the money market risk framework, crunch the data, and make sure to determine the optimal LTV for your NFTs.


Spiritual and prophetic, they are often blessed with visions of the three-dimensional plane, and shepherd the souls of their people into the promised 3D future.