Perks, utility & rewards

Mint Cashback

Receive an $UNLK airdrop covering the total cost of all your mints. If you're already entitled to a larger airdrop, a multiplier will be applied.

Early Bird Access

Early access to the Unlockd mainnet and all future features. Be the first to test pioneering and unique NFT x DeFi strategies.

Boosted Token Rewards

Receive extra token rewards and incentives for testing the protocol early features, higher than users who do not hold any Lockey.

VIP Community Pass

Private community events in Discord and our Metaverse space. Limited alpha, gaming, education, entertainment and more!

Temporary Governance

Until the official token is released, all holders will be able to vote on Unlockd decisions. You decide the future of The Lockeys.

Special Promotions

Being a Lockey holder will make you eligible for possible future promotions, limited incentive programs and fee discounts.

Bonus Surprises

The Lockeys universe will continue to expand, full of surprises and unique opportunities for holders. Stay tuned!