How to create an Unlockd Account

Before diving into borrowing or engaging in any debt-related activities on Unlockd, establishing your Unlockd Account is essential. This account is your hub for depositing RWAs, creating and managing loans, and monitoring your digital assets. Here's how to get started:

Create your Unlockd Account
  1. Navigate to Borrow: If you haven't set up an Unlockd Account, selecting "Borrow" or any debt-related action prompts you with "Create your Unlockd Account."

  2. Accept ToS: You'll first need to accept the Terms of Service (ToS) and sign them digitally. This step is crucial and ensures you're informed about the platform's policies.

  3. Confirm Account Creation: Finalize your account setup by confirming a blockchain transaction. This action requires a small gas fee.

Ready to Borrow? Next Steps

With your Unlockd Account now active, you're set to deposit RWAs, create loans, and manage your assets all in one place.

Head over to our detailed guide on borrowing using your Unlockd Account for step-by-step instructions on securing loans with your RWAs.

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Screenshots in these guides are mock-ups and may differ from the live platform, particularly in text details. The Unlockd team regularly updates guides to reflect UX improvements.

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