Team and Advisors

Core Team
Advisory Board
Our core team comprises a mix of successful serial entrepreneurs, crypto experts, NFT collectors, growth specialists and talented developers.

Business & Operations

Jorge Schnura - Founder, CEO
Carlos Otermin - Founder, COO
Tamara Lerner - Operations Manager


Filipe Venancio - Tech Lead
Daniel Martín - Sr. Blockchain Dev
Enric Borrallo - Solidity Dev
Adrià Pajares - Cybersecurity Specialist
Alejandro Roigé - Data Scientist
Shaheer Hashim - Sr. Frontend Dev
Manuel Barzi - Sr. Frontend Dev
Federico López - Frontend Dev


Bernardo Bouzas - Head of Community
Roger Guardia - Creative Lead
Frosty - Community Builder
KAF - Content Copywriter

Gabby Dizon (🔗)

Founder and CEO of YGG (Yield Guild Games)

Colin Goltra (🔗)

COO of YGG (Yield Guild Games) and seasoned NFT collector.

Ben Noble (🔗)

Founder and CEO of Multiplied

Olga Vázquez (🔗)

Principal at Theta Capital

Leah Callon-Butler (🔗)

Founder and CEO of Emfarsis

Josep Bové (🔗)

Software Engineer at AAVE and blockchain specialist.