How to use the Testnet V2

1. Head to
2. Access the Faucet tab and connect your wallet. Accept and Sign the ToS.
3. Get some Sepolia ETH from the faucet of your choice.

Access these sites and follow their steps to get free Sepolia ETH. Unlockd is not associated with any of these services.

4. Get some Sepolia USDC from the AAVE faucet.
5. Get up to 4 Testnet NFTs from the Unlockd Faucet

Select the collection to mint. Hit 'Send me NFTs'. You can get NFTs from both mockup collections, up to 2 assets per collection. Hit MINT and pay a bit of Sepolia ETH in gas.

Now you have mockup ETH and NFTs to start using the Unlockd V2 Testnet.

The next sections of the documentation teach you how to use every feature and functionality of Unlockd V2.

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