Collateral Valuation

Leaving obsolete floor pricing behind with the help of third-parties.

Unlockd collaborates with specialized third-party experts to overcome the limitations of onchain RWA appraisals. By partnering with these experts, we ensure that each asset is appraised accurately and fairly.

These experts employ diverse models, input variables, and advanced Data Science techniques to assess the value of each asset individually. This meticulous approach ensures that the valuations are not only precise but also reflective of the true worth of each asset.

The appraised values, along with their error bounds, are then integrated into Unlockd's Dynamic Loan-to-Value (LTV) Model. This integration allows for a more accurate and individualized borrowing amount for each asset.

By combining expert appraisals with our advanced LTV model, we provide borrowers with fair and precise loan amounts, ensuring that each asset's unique characteristics and value are accurately reflected in the lending process.

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