Tokenization Partners

Unlockd integrates with various tokenization partners to support loans against a wide range of tokenized assets. Here’s an introduction to three of these partners:

Roofstock OnChain

A subsidiary of Roofstock, Inc., Roofstock OnChain leads in the digital real estate investing platform space, specifically for single-family rental homes.

They offer tokenized real-life homes on the blockchain, with each house titled under an individual company and a token representing full ownership.

Owners can rent out these properties or decide to live in them. Roofstock onChain ensures these properties are move-in ready and offers a network of property managers for easy ownership. combines over 40 years of experience in watch trading with advanced appraisal capabilities, focusing on luxury watches.

Their appraisals consider the watch's condition, authenticity, market value, liquidity grading, and volatility estimates, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

Utilizing public and private sources, along with an internal ranking system, they provide detailed appraisals for each timepiece.


Unikura is a unique NFT marketplace where each NFT is backed by a physical asset, primarily focusing on Japanese Real-World-Assets.

Token holders can enjoy ownership benefits without the challenges of physical possession. Physical assets can be redeemed by burning the token.

They offer solutions like no shipping fees, no need for storage space, authenticity verification, crypto payments, and high liquidity, making it easier for collectors to own and trade real-world assets as NFTs.


Chronobase offers a secure solution for watch owners and buyers, ensuring the authenticity and lawful ownership of timepieces.

By recording watch ownership on the blockchain, Chronobase provides a reliable and paperless method to prove ownership and authenticity, mitigating risks like loss, theft, or counterfeiting.

The platform offers immediate updates in cases of theft or loss, allowing owners to swiftly notify and update the status of their watches, enhancing recovery chances.


4K is a decentralized protocol connecting physical assets with blockchain technology, aiming to democratize markets and expand personal freedom.

The protocol unites physical vaults, service providers, and on-chain mechanisms to create a transparent bridge between tangible assets and their digital representations.

By transforming Real-World Assets into physically-backed NFTs, 4K empowers individuals to own, trade, and interact with these assets in unprecedented ways.

4K addresses critical challenges in RWA management, such as trust, transparency, fees, and unified storage, setting new standards in the industry and reshaping asset management.

Courtyard stands out for its focus on tokenizing graded trading cards, a niche yet highly valued collectible market.

Unique in its approach, Courtyard offers tokenizers continuous revenue from future resales, creating an ongoing income stream from their collections.

By bridging the physical and digital worlds, Courtyard enables collectors to trade cards globally without physical shipping, merging the tangibility of collecting with the efficiency of digital trading.


RealT's offering lies in its tokenization of real estate, a traditionally non-liquid asset, making it accessible and divisible on blockchain platforms.

Through its tokenization process, RealT democratizes real estate investments, allowing for fractional ownership and broader investor participation.

RealT simplifies the complex legal landscape of real estate investment, utilizing digital tokens to streamline property ownership and investment processes.


Sablier is a pioneering protocol on Ethereum, introducing the concept of asset streaming for ERC-20 tokens. This method allows for continuous, real-time payments, contrasting with traditional lump-sum transfers.

The protocol is designed to be open and immutable, ensuring uninterrupted operation and security. It stands out for its permissionless nature, allowing anyone to stream or interact with ERC-20 assets freely.

Sablier incorporates a transparent fee system, with potential fees ranging from 0% to 10% for stream creation, known in advance to users.


Superfluid is redefining financial transactions for DAOs and crypto businesses by enabling real-time streaming of assets.

The protocol supports various use cases, including real-time salaries, DAO rewards, web3 subscriptions, and asset trading through streaming.

Superfluid's open-source, modular framework invites developers to build diverse decentralized applications (dApps), leveraging its asset streaming capabilities for innovative solutions.

Future plans for external integrations


Marketplaces can multiply their volume and improve their users' experience by offering dedicated financing tools directly integrated with Unlockd.

Through these debt solutions, buyers can access full or partial mortgages to finance their new NFTs by instantly using them as collateral and/or providing other NFTs to the loan directly from the marketplace.

As the user keeps from the very first moment all the perks of their collaterals together with those of the new acquisition, this feature will give rise to highly capital-efficient collecting and investment strategies with a very low gas cost via these NFT marketplaces.

Additionally, this novel scheme unlocks an unprecedented amount of additional volume for marketplaces, ultimately making purchasing an NFT more affordable and convenient.

Rental Protocols

Renting NFTs and borrowing against them are two sides of the same coin. Combined, will lead to NFT mass adoption by giving users more choices, increasing liquidity and leveraging the value of their assets.

There are several circumstances under which guilds and investors will rent their assets while borrowing against them: idle assets, excess supply of a certain NFT for the current volume of players, or strategic decisions to balance their portfolio to invest in new games.

This synergy will make borrowing more efficient and even allow for the loans to be repaid almost automatically thanks to the revenue generated by the rental.

DeFi Protocols

Many decentralized protocols allow a myriad of strategies involving leverage. These markets require the deposit of one or more assets as collateral to unlock such leverage. At present this collateral can only be provided in the form of cryptocurrency.

Unlockd's direct integration with these protocols will allow you to margin trade and make other leveraged investments by providing the NFTs you own as collateral, directly from the interfaces of the protocols in which you transact.

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