Real-World Assets

In Unlockd, the valuation of Real-World Assets (RWAs) is a critical component, ensuring that loans are backed by accurately appraised collateral.

Our approach integrates data from trusted tokenization partners who specialize in various asset classes. By leveraging their expertise and advanced valuation methodologies, we offer users a transparent and reliable process for RWA valuation.

Real Estate

These providers offer robust and reliable valuation data for real estate assets, ensuring that Unlockd's collateral valuation process is grounded in accuracy and market expertise.

Roofstock onChain

Roofstock OnChain specializes in tokenized single-family houses, offering complete ownership through Home onChain Tokens. Ownership tokens represent full ownership of the entire house, not fractional ownership, with options for crypto or fiat payment and blockchain-based financing.

  • Transparent Pricing: The pricing for onChain homes includes all costs, such as marketplace fees, Roofstock OnChain seller fee, closing costs, first-year insurance, and LLC administration.

  • Direct Valuation by Roofstock: Each property's value is directly provided by Roofstock OnChain, ensuring clarity and transparency in the appraisal process.


Colliers is a prominent professional services and investment management company with a history of delivering significant annual investment returns. They offer comprehensive services across all real estate sectors, including residential, hotels, offices, and more, ensuring deep market expertise.

  • Specialized Valuation Services: Colliers provides specialized services like corporate finance, debt advisory, capital markets, and valuation consulting, emphasizing accuracy and reliability in real estate valuation.

  • Diverse Sector Coverage: Their valuation covers various sectors, from traditional residential and commercial spaces to specialized segments like data centers, healthcare, and sustainable assets.


The integration of with Upshot's AI network ensures that Unlockd's collateral valuation for watches is grounded in expertise, thorough appraisal processes, and advanced AI-driven data analysis, offering reliable and up-to-date market valuations. brings together a team with over 40 years of combined experience in watch trading and connections in the luxury watch industry.

  • Appraisal Process:

    • Condition and Authenticity: Appraisals are based on watches being in perfect working condition, including original manufacturer boxes and serial numbered cards.

    • Inspection Standards: Each watch undergoes thorough inspection by verified watchmakers and checks against databases of stolen watches.

    • Detailed Appraisal Data: Appraisals include current fair market value, proprietary liquidity grading, time-weighted volatility estimates, and interval-bounded price performance.

  • Data Sources and Methodology: Utilizes public sources like marketplaces, private trading groups, and industry constituents for data, ensuring a comprehensive market understanding.

  • Analysis Approach:'s appraisals are based on multiple indicators, including internal ranking of data sources, pricing nuances, estimations of liquidity, and market volatility for each model.


Unlockd utilizes's meticulous and comprehensive data analysis for trading card valuations, offering users reliable and up-to-date market insights for loan collateral assessment.

  • Comprehensive Data Collection: aggregates sold listing data from eBay and their own marketplace, processing it through proprietary algorithms to determine current market prices for collectibles like trading cards.

  • Algorithmic Pricing Methodology: Their algorithms account for various factors, including recent sale prices, median and average prices, age-weighted averages, and outliers. This ensures a balanced and accurate market price calculation.

  • Graded and Ungraded Card Prices: provides prices for ungraded cards and various graded conditions, including PSA and BGS grades, ensuring a nuanced valuation based on card condition.

  • Exclusion of Shipping Costs: The prices reflect the item's cost alone, excluding shipping or transaction-related expenses for clarity and precision in valuation.

  • Quality Control Measures: To maintain data integrity, employs automated models and user reviews to remove inaccurate or misclassified sales data, ensuring the reliability of their pricing information.

While our tokenization partners support a wide range of Real-World Assets, it's important to note that not all RWAs can be integrated into Unlockd's platform immediately.

The integration of certain assets is contingent upon the availability of solid, reliable sources of price data. This is crucial to maintain the accuracy and reliability of our collateral valuation process.

We continuously strive to expand our asset coverage, but this expansion is always aligned with our commitment to secure and precise valuation standards.

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