Use cases

Unlock additional capital to expand your art collection without having to sell your assets. You'll still be able to shine your PFP while having the liquidity to hunt for that new drop. Now, the art you own lets you leverage your collection.

To make it big in DeFi you need to be capital efficient. With our Earn program, enjoy the best APYs for your crypto in safe pools. Our robust risk framework ensures that optimal liquidations will be available to protect lenders.

Access to debt in the physical world is tedious and limited. We do better in crypto. Start making the most of the non-fungible assets you own, and turn your illiquid investments into tax-efficient fuel for your portfolio.

Guilds can turn their yield-generating and idle resources, like creatures or land, into productive assets to optimize working capital. Scale operations, onboard new players, dominate the arena and conquer the GameFi industry with extra liquidity.

Direct Integrations


Marketplaces can multiply their volume and improve their users' experience by offering dedicated financing tools directly integrated with Unlockd.

Through these debt solutions, buyers can access full or partial mortgages to finance their new NFTs by instantly using them as collateral and/or providing other NFTs to the loan directly from the marketplace.

As the user keeps from the very first moment all the perks of their collaterals together with those of the new acquisition, this feature will give rise to highly capital-efficient collecting and investment strategies with a very low gas cost via these NFT marketplaces.

Additionally, this novel scheme unlocks an unprecedented amount of additional volume for marketplaces, ultimately making purchasing an NFT more affordable and convenient.

Rental Protocols

Renting NFTs and borrowing against them are two sides of the same coin. Combined, will lead to NFT mass adoption by giving users more choices, increasing liquidity and leveraging the value of their assets.

There are several circumstances under which guilds and investors will rent their assets while borrowing against them: idle assets, excess supply of a certain NFT for the current volume of players, or strategic decisions to balance their portfolio to invest in new games.

This synergy will make borrowing more efficient and even allow for the loans to be repaid almost automatically thanks to the revenue generated by the rental.

DeFi Protocols

Many decentralized protocols allow a myriad of strategies involving leverage. These markets require the deposit of one or more assets as collateral to unlock such leverage. At present this collateral can only be provided in the form of cryptocurrency.

Unlockd's direct integration with these protocols will allow you to margin trade and make other leveraged investments by providing the NFTs you own as collateral, directly from the interfaces of the protocols in which you transact.

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