How to liquidate

In the Auctions section you will find four sub-sections: Loans in Auction, Health Factor List, Auction history, and My Auctions.

In this subsection, you will see all the loans that at this moment are about to be liquidated because their health factor is below 1.00, available to bid for them.

If the NFT is yours, you will have a variable margin to make Redeem (Borrower Grace Period), partially returning the loan so that its health factor rises above 1.00 and leaves the liquidation zone.

The maximum amount you can repay is 90% of the loan (If you want to recover your NFT in your Wallet you can do it from the My Loans section of the Borrow section, through the Repay option).

If the NFT is not yours you can bid for it from the Place a bid option, and the protocol will indicate the minimum amount you can bid.

In case you want to know the status of your bid, you will be able to see it from the My Auctions subsection.

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