How to lend

From the Earn section, you will see the tokens currently supported by the Unlockd protocol, and you will be able to deposit the amount of tokens you wish in exchange for an APY.

If you have not deposited anything yet, you can do it from the Earn button:

From this modal screen you will be able to enter the amount you wish to add to the liquidity pool, and that at that moment you have in your linked wallet.

If it is the first time you deposit that token in the protocol you will have to make an Approval of that token and pay the corresponding fees.

From that moment on you will not have to sign the Approval again.

Once the Approval is completed, you will be able to select the Supply button and add funds to the pool.

Once you have added funds, you can withdraw all or part of them at any time from the Withdraw option in the main screen of the Earn section.

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