Unlockd has raised a US$4.4M seed round amidst the recent cryptocurrency market crash to unlock the full liquidity and utility of the digital asset economy.

Despite having increased both the capital to be raised and the valuation, we are proud to say that Unlockd received offers oversubscribing for more than 3x.

This funding comes from some of the most reputable firms and angel investors in the industry:

  • Blockchain Capital (LEAD)

  • Sfermion

  • Spartan Group

  • Play Ventures

  • IDEO CoLab

  • Bitscale

  • Sanctor Capital

  • Eden Ventures

  • Caballeros Capital

  • Emfarsis

  • Crypto Plaza

  • YGG (Yield Guild Games)



  • Blockchain Space

  • Gabby Dizon (YGG Founder)

  • Colin Goltra (YGG COO and NFT collector)

  • Peter Ing (BlockchainSpace Founder)

  • Renz Chong (BreederDAO Co-Founder)

There is interest in our product, and we are turning our vision into a working protocol backed by many of the best investors in the industry.

“Unlockd is the missing piece DeFi debt markets need to evolve to their optimal state with a size equivalent to traditional finance. Enabling the use of illiquid assets and future cash flows as collateral is an industry game-changer that will bring to DeFi both institutional and mainstream retail investment.”

— Jorge Schnura, Unlockd Co-Founder

Meet our investors

Blockchain Capital (LEAD)

Blockchain Capital is a leading venture firm in the blockchain industry. In the last 8 years, they have made over 125 investments in companies and protocols in the sector, across different stages, geographies and asset types.

Blockchain Capital leads this seed round of Unlockd.


Founded in 2019, Sfermion is an investment firm focused on the metaverse. Their goal is to accelerate the emergence of the metaverse by investing in the founders, companies, and protocols creating the infrastructure and environments that will form the foundations of our digital future.

Spartan Group

Spartan Capital is a digital asset management firm that takes a fundamental approach to identifying unique investment opportunities in the emergent crypto asset class. Their investment team has over 20 years of experience in investment research and capital management for top-tier firms such as Goldman Sachs and Indus Capital.

Play Ventures

Play Ventures is the leading early-stage VC fund investing in gaming and gaming services startups around the world. The fund was founded in 2018 by former gaming entrepreneurs Henric Suuronen and Harri Manninen.


IDEO CoLab Ventures invests in early-stage distributed web startups and co-creates with them to ship new products and protocols. CoLab works across industries at the intersection of emerging tech, societal systems, and human needs.


Bitscale invests in teams and solutions that bring transparency and efficiency to our world with cutting-edge technologies. They also help with investors relations, community building — by increasing awareness and brand exposure in Russia/CIS as well as in Asia — and post-launch support and advisory.

Sanctor Capital

Sanctor Capital is a thesis-driven investment fund and deploys capital across both primary and secondary markets. As founders and crypto natives themselves, they understand the challenges faced by early-stage projects and provide active investor-side support through mentorship and network integration.

Ed3n Ventures

Ed3n Ventures is a leading web3 venture studio, dedicated to building projects that enable the open metaverse. They work with founders to provide expertise, funding, and access to Eden’s strategic network of advisors and partners. Aside from their web 3.0 ventures, Ed3n has also been actively building and growing a portfolio of e-commerce and tech startups in Southeast Asia over the past decade.

Caballeros Capital

Caballeros Capital is a private investment firm focused on investing in the blockchain innovation space.


Emfarsis is an advisory and investment firm based in Asia Pacific focused on crypto, NFTs, open Metaverse and Web3 innovation for social impact. Whether it is international expansion or moving into the metaverse, they splice economic data with real-life human stories to help identify the market opportunity.

Crypto Plaza

Crypto Plaza is the largest crypto economy hub in Southern Europe. Based in Spain, it is a community of the leading companies, startups and investors in the sector. They are a worldwide reference in the Crypto Assets and Blockchain space, and lead the Spanish-speaking and Southern European market.

YGG (Yield Guild Games)

YGG is the world’s leading Play-To-Earn guild that brings players together to earn via NFT games. They are the settlers of the Metaverse and invest in GameFi-related projects.


YGG SEA is the first subDAO of Yield Guild Games, with the mission of creating the biggest and most sustainable play-to-earn virtual economy in Southeast Asia.


BreederDAO is the NFT asset factory of blockchain games. They provide high-volume asset production, tailored to specification, for some of the largest guilds in the Metaverse so they can supercharge their play-to-earn economies.


BlockchainSpace is a guild hub for play-to-earn communities, with end to end solutions including CRM, Guild Data Analytics and Guild Financial Bank.

Notable angel investors

  • Gabby Dizon (YGG Founder)

  • Colin Goltra (YGG COO and NFT collector)

  • Peter Ing (BlockchainSpace Founder)

  • Renz Chong (BreederDAO Co-Founder)

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