BlockchainSpace allows P2E Guilds to leverage different tools and solutions that provide insights and the decentralized infrastructure needed to scale and optimize operations.

Unlockd and BlockchainSpace share a common vision: give Guilds, gamers and investors access to the necessary tools to thrive in the Metaverse, contributing to the development of the NFT infrastructure and Play-To-Earn ecosystem.

Through this partnership, we will enable all BlockchainSpace users —guilds and players— to leverage Unlockd solutions directly integrated into BlockchainSpace's tool suite.

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Besides of being one of Unlockd's third-party appraisal tools, NFTBank is a smart NFT portfolio management solution.

NFTBank continues to build tools that empower NFT investors, creators, guild managers, and scholars. Unlockd is positioning itself as the go-to liquidity-enabling partner for these players within the Metaverse. This alliance leads us to build in the same direction.

Users will be able to take loans against their NFTs while browsing the NFTBank's interface and checking the data on those NFTs.

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reNFT allows everyone to build their own rental marketplace on top of their existing infrastructure, improving user experience and project liquidity. It is the only rental protocol that can be white-label integrated into any project with any custom-tailored functionality based on the project’s needs developed by their team.

Unlockd will integrate with reNFT to allow borrowers also to rent their NFTs while keeping them pledged as collateral in Unlockd with an active loan against them.

Coupling both protocols’ utility, users will also be able to generate passive income, as reNFT allows this automatically based on a set of criteria — especially useful for smaller guilds or casual investors that don’t have the time or infrastructure to manage their NFT portfolio actively.

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The Metabase team realized they could help extrapolate value from the blockchain for gamers, providing opportunities for players and guilds, simplifying the onboarding process, and empowering them to improve their earnings and efficiency.

Their approach is two-pronged, as they help guilds find players and monitor their performance while allowing players to access new games, efficiently using assets from guilds and obtaining real-world credit or fiat earnings.

Unlockd will be integrated into Metabase to allow users to combine other tools in their suite of solutions with the liquidity they can extract from their assets. And all thanks to the NFT-backed loans from our lending market.

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RentaFi is a non-collateral NFT rental protocol that enables asset management by splitting NFTs into use-value and exchange-value, oriented towards composability with other protocols like lending

Unlockd will integrate with RentaFi to provide access to these tools to our users. RentaFi will provide Unlockd with an API/SDK, multi-chain L2 support, including a dashboard for collections and guilds in order to expand NFT rentals more widely.

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Playdex is working on enabling NFT rentals for dozens of games, allowing any user to rent out assets for any period of time. This flexibility to choose their terms (amounts, rates, duration, etc.) perfectly aligns with Unlockd’s philosophy and methodology, making the Unlockd x Playdex integration the logical next step for the growth of both projects and the ecosystem as a whole.

The Unlockd x Playdex partnership will make it easy for NFT owners to seamlessly rent their assets and borrow against them, unifying previously fragmented and informal transactions and driving transparency and efficiency.

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Stash is an NFT Gaming marketplace that enables easy rentals and lending for gaming. They want to provide more alternatives and solutions for gamers, allowing them to rent NFTs for use or lend their NFTs to other members for a share of earnings.

Their network-led marketing has helped build a strong community, an ecosystem Unlockd is pleased to join by offering our NFT-backed loans. Together, we will continue to build composability and drive strong use cases for the NFT community and especially all GameFi projects out there.

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