Dashboard walkthrough

From the Dashboard you can see the different tokens supported by the protocol, which you can deposit to earn an APY, as well as Borrow with them.

You can also access the Collections that the protocol supports to use as collateral to borrow. These Collections will be increasing all the time.

From My Deposits you can access to see the deposits you have active and be able to add more supply, or withdraw the partial or total amount you want at any time.

In the sub-section My Loans you will access the Borrow section from which you can deposit NFTs as collateral to borrow, and also see the Loans you have already borrowed and borrow more or Repay a partial or total part of your debt. If you Repay in full you will recover the NFT in your Wallet.

Finally, from the My Auctions sub-section you can see the auctions in which you have participated and their status. In case you have won an auction, you can Claim that NFT from that section and receive it in your wallet.

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