The Lockeys FAQ

What are The Lockeys?

The Lockeys are a collection of 3,500 NFT (non-fungible tokens) that allow their owners to be recognized as members of the Unlockd community, rock a really cool profile picture, access to multiple utilities and benefits, and be part of the NFT x DeFi ecosystem legacy.

Can I mint a Lockey?

No, they were sold out months ago. You can now buy them on official marketplaces.

Which utilities do The Lockeys have?
How is that I get a full cashback on my mints?

Unlockd currently has an active Community Airdrop. The amount airdropped to your address depends on your position in the ranking, which itself depends on the points you get by performing different social sharing actions.

At the time of the snapshot, if you hold one or more Lockeys, the minimum amount you will receive via the Community Airdrop will be the value of the mints of those Lockeys in the Unlockd token, $UNLK. With this cashback mechanism, all your mints are basically free.

If, due to your position in the ranking, you are entitled to an airdrop of a higher value than what you have paid for your NFT mints, a multiplier will be applied on that amount. This multiplier will increase with the number of Lockeys you hold in that same wallet.

Why should I care about early access?

Many of the features of the Unlockd protocol are unique, combining your NFTs with DeFi. This means that having access to these features before other users will allow you to discover insights before anyone in the world and use them to your advantage.,

As a Lockey holder you will not only have early access to the mainnet protocol, but you will also be able to test all the features we will be deploying in beta on testnet. Exclusively for Lockey holders.

What type of events will holders be able to access?

Private holders-only activities in our Discord server and our Metaverse space. Gaming, entertainment, alpha sessions with investors, founders and traders... to be announced soon!

What is the future of The Lockeys?

As the Codebreakers Prophecy foretells, The Lockeys are preparing for the most awaited day of their robotic species, working very hard building Unlockd from the inside. That day will come at some point following the development of the protocol, and The Lockeys' universe will expand with news, lore and many surprises.

Naturally, Lockey holders will be the first to know and benefit from this new path we are embarking on together.

Is there any difference in terms of NFT utility depending on the race or traits of my Lockey?

No. All Lockeys grant the same benefits and utility. The only thing that may vary is their value in the secondary market according to the rarity of the traits.

However, Key Supporter Lockeys and 1/1 Lockeys may have special perks in the future.

What are Key Supporters?

Key Supporters are a very special group within the Unlockd community. Whether it is for their constant and positive activity on Discord and our social networks; their support by evangelizing in other communities; or their collaboration in areas of Unlockd such as moderation, content creation or development, they are part of an exclusive program of benefits and incentives.

All Key Supporters were airdropped a random Lockey as a little token of appreciation, with the particularity that those have a special trait only obtainable in this way.

How do I claim my 'Lockey holder' role in Discord?

If you own a Lockey, just head to the #collabland-join channel of The Lockeys section of our Discord server, click the 'Let's go' blue button and link the wallet in which you hold your Lockey.

It is a read-only connection. Do not share your private keys. We will never ask for your seed phrase. We will never DM you.

If you still have questions or issues, feel free to reach the Unlockd team in the official Discord or Telegram channel.

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