Governance & Token FAQ

When will the Community Airdrop be distributed?

As soon as we launch our token.

When will the UNLK token be launched?

This is still to be determined. We don't want to rush our decentralization journey and prefer to wait until defining a solid strategy that follows the market situation. However, we expect it to be somewhen in Q1-Q2 2023, but this may vary.

Why is so little information available about governance?

We have published our Token Allocation and Vesting Schedule for the sake of transparency with our community, users and investors.

We are still defining our governance mechanism, gauges and policies. We will update the Decentralization section as soon as we have those topics ready.

Will the token holders receive the fees from protocol transactions?

In the future, they will. However, currently, Unlockd doesn't charge any fee for transacting in the protocol.

If you still have questions or issues, feel free to reach the Unlockd team in the official Discord or Telegram channel.

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