Hold your NFTs while staying liquid.

Crypto needs efficient debt solutions

The current problem with NFTs is that they lock your wealth into an asset that usually is not able to generate yield like other digital assets.

The lack of liquidity in the market is detrimental for holders as it means that they may have difficulty selling their NFTs. This leads to NFTs being sold at a discount or not being sold at all, which is a problem if you need to access your capital in the short-term, or if you need to cover unexpected expenses.

These conditions become problematic if we pretend DeFi users to get the most out of their portfolios by being capital-efficient with their non-fungible assets. And for that to occur in the first place, NFTs need to be accesible and affordable: currently, the lack of financing solutions to acquire NFTs diminishes demand. There's a need of 'Buy-Now-Pay-Later' solutions to drive financial inclusion and NFT adoption.

The opportunity cost of locking up your capital in NFTs could leave you out of new opportunities. Selling them, then? Well, you will miss out on a ton of upside potential... and trigger a tax event.

Now more than ever, you need to be efficient to keep up with the fast pace of the industry and preserve your capital. And for that, we need to unlock novel NFT finance solutions.

Unlock the future of the digital economy

Unlockd gives you access to additional capital while maintaining ownership of your NFTs, so you can benefit from extra yield opportunities, diversify your crypto portfolio, buy more JPEGs, expand your P2E resources, leverage your trading or even buy a house in the real world. Without selling any of your NFTs.

Unlockd emerges to be the interconnected highway that allows liquidity to flow between blockchains, protocols and communities — building a solid intersection between the NFT industry and DeFi.

Like lego pieces, our technology also allows for symbioses with marketplaces, DeFi protocols requiring collateral for applying leverage, renting protocols, guilds, P2E games, yield aggregators and a myriad of other decentralized applications.

Instead of using fungible tokens as collateral for loans, which is suboptimal since you lock liquid tokens to get other liquid tokens, Unlockd lets yo turn illiquid assets into productive, liquid ones. And that's how efficient debt works with physical assets. Now, in crypto.

This opens the gates to the true financialization of NFTs, with unprecedented financial products in the history of the economy, involving instant collateralizations to get 'Buy-Now-Pay-Later' solutions and new strategies focused on cross-chain efficiency that you, our community, will help us discover.

And, for an extra spin, getting a loan against your NFTs does not trigger a tax event, whereas selling them for liquidity does. Tax-efficient fuel for your portfolio without selling your assets.

With Unlockd, options are limitless.

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